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Closing Date: June 17th. 17:00

Introduction to OppAttune
Prof. Kesi Mahendran at The Open University, UK, leads the EU Horizon funded project, OppAttune. The
project is delivered in 17 partners across Europe and beyond. Prof. Kesi Mahendran leads this project
along with Principal Investigators in 15 other countries.

OppAttune aims to develop an innovative Attunement Model which will track, attune, and limit the spread
of extreme political narratives. The focus of the project is not on discourse which incites violence or
engages in hate speech. Rather, on the spread of extreme narratives through seemingly ‘common sense’
discussions about polarising issues which create an ‘everyday extremism’.
More information about the project can be found on the website:

Visual Mapping
Under the leadership of Professor Umut Korkut, this segment of the overall project focuses on converting
specific developments into interactive digital visualisations. It is our intention to integrate qualitative and
quantitative findings that map transnational governance scenarios into a visual repository. Ideally, this
will take the form of an interactive visual map. We are therefore seeking a highly skilled digital artist or
graphic designer who can transform our gathered data into actionable insights within a visual display that
is innovative, interactive, and creative while being accessible to an inclusive audience.

The map should be detailed enough to present multiple types of data, both textual and visual, without
being overly complex. Its aim is to showcase the project findings while also highlighting the added value
of interaction between social science, arts, and humanities.

What we require from you
In collaboration with OppAttune researchers, we invite you to join us in creating a digital, interactive online
map using our research data. The main landing platform would hopefully be completed by the end of July
2024 to accommodate emerging data. The finalised map should be ready for embedding in our website
by the end of November 2024. You may be requested to continue your involvement with the project until
December 2024 / January 2025.

Artists/individuals interested in this call are requested to email Dr Maggie Laidlaw and Professor Umut Korkut with the following
– A short CV with key experiences or specific digital skills as identified above.
– A conceptual idea of how you would envisage our map
– An email address that we may contact you to arrange a virtual conversation.
– A quotation for the work.

Additionally, please do get in touch if you have any questions about this position. The starting date for
this position is approximately 8th July 2025.

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