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About OppAttune

OppAttune Project

How can OppAttune limit the spread of extreme narratives?

OppAttune is a Horizon-Europe funded project involving 17 partners across Europe and beyond which aims to develop an innovative Attunement Model which will track, attune, and limit the spread of extreme political narratives.

The focus of the project is not on discourse which incites violence or engages in hate speech. Rather, on the spread of extreme narratives through seemingly ‘common sense’ discussions about polarising issues which create an ‘everyday extremism’.

Everyday extremism is the gradual inclusion of extreme narratives, sentiments, and attitudes into the conversations of political actors and the general public, which then become normalised and acceptable.

OppAttune’s main aim is to develop and disseminate an Attunement Model, which is a multi-level model (macro, meso, and micro) of toolkits that meet the project’s aim to track, attune, and limit political extremism in different national and local contexts.

The macro-level consists of the legal, historical, and economic factors which shape the parameters of citizens’ lives. The meso-level focuses on the influence of media/online spaces, the role of local democracies, and citizens engagement with political binaries. Finally, the micro-level explores how individuals engage with extreme narratives and their capacity as dialogical citizens to sustain political conversations.

Crucially the various implementable toolkits within the Attunement model will be evaluated and made open access in 2026. In 2026 OppAttune will produce short, medium, and long-term strategies and policy recommendations on how to limit extreme political narratives

Who are the target audience for this project?

There are six distinctive audiences which the project intends to reach in order to track, attune and limit the spread of extremist narratives. These six audiences are:

On-line Engaged Public

The public through on-line engagement with the I-Attune self-test platform.

Young People
Young people: including school-age children and people aged 18-24 in countries within Europe.
Pro-Democracy Media

Pro-Democracy media influencers and social media followers that are directly engaged with democratic issues across Europe.

Policy Makers

European practitioners & policy-makers engaged in the prevention of extremism and promotion of democratic debate.

Political Actors

Political actors at a local and national level.

Scientific Research

The scientific research community.

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